repo-make - A tool to autobuild a set of PKGBUILD's




repo-make is automatic build system, designed for distributions based on the pacman package manager and the PKGBUILD based (makepkg) build system.

It auto-generates packages based on a repo-make.conf that has to exist in the the directory, where you call repo-make.

Command Switches

Switches include:

-C DIR, --directory=DIR

Change to directory DIR before reading repo-make.conf or doing anything else.

-t PATH, --target=PATH

Sets the target path where the finished packages are placed to and overrides the TARGET setting in repo-make.conf

-V, --verify

Runs repo-make in "verify mode" which can be used to check if your depends or makedepends arrays really contain all needed packages for a successful build. To do this, repo-make uninstalls all orphan dependencies between the builds.


Display this help and exit


Output version information and exit


repo-make has to run with root privileges as its goal is to auto-generate a set of packages without user interaction! It will automatically update the system, repo-make runs on, and install missing dependencies from the global repositories or from the newly built packages.

Even though the build itself runs with an unprivileged user, it is not recommended to use repo-make on a productive system. Please set up a dedicated build environment. KVM or VirtualBox can be very handy to do so.



Configuration files that control the build process. Further information in repo-make.conf(5).


repo-make.conf(5), makepkg.conf(5)